Relationships and Checking The Past Group Photographs

Relationships and Checking The Past Group Photographs

Genealogist and writer Lisa Lisson of have you been My Cousin? shares this lady skills in terms of dating and determining the older group photographs within collection.

Whenever cleaning up a relative’s residence, you find a long-forgotten shoebox saturated in photos packed in the back of a dresser. The pictures are models. Some are clearly older pictures.

Not merely one photograph was labeled!

That the people when you look at the photographs? Are the individuals family relations? Almost certainly, but if not, the photograph was actually certainly cherished getting started kept through the age.

Determining people in the pictures is possible.

How can you get started?

Know What You Are Already Aware

Just who possessed the photograph(s) just before? Just how did the photograph(s) come right into your control? The answers to these concerns can narrow down which region of the group the photograph(s) belonged. Continue reading “Relationships and Checking The Past Group Photographs”